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The Awakening, part 16

I find Caleb exactly as I left him. I look him in the eye and try to hide my nervousness but by the look on his face I can feel that I’ve failed.

“What’s next?” I ask. I’m pretty sure he’s going to teach me how to fight, but it’s wiser to ask than assume.
Caleb looks me up and down before answering. “First I shall see what kind of skills you have. Have you ever fought with anyone?”

“I’ve never attacked another person, if that’s what you mean.” I say it slowly, remembering all the times the children in the village have ganged up on me. Sometimes they had only called me names, but I’ve also dodged more rocks than I’d care to count. I learned to avoid blows quite quickly, and on occasion even retaliated, but I still got beat a lot. There’s only so much one can do against many.

I’ve never understood why they disliked me so much. When I was younger I had no problems with anyone. I don’t remember having any friends among them, but we got along well enough. Some time after my mother died, things changed. I don’t know how or why, but I became something of a pariah.

I shake my head to clear it and focus my attention on Caleb. He is looking at me intently.
“We shall start with the basics, then. It would be best if you mastered your other skills also as soon as possible, but that has to be postponed for now.”
Other skills? Great, more riddles from him. I take a deep breath as I wait for him to attack, and my muscles tense. If my instincts are right, he will bounce on me without a warning.

Caleb’s movements are so subtle and fast that I barely have time to react when he charges at me. He kicks my feet from under me and I make a spin in the air to avoid falling on my ass. I feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins and the rush is exhilarating. Without any conscious thought I avoid his next blow, and try to land one on him. He dodges it easily and his movements get faster. I do my best to hold my own, but it is clearly not enough. I find myself only barely able to defend myself.

And Caleb… One moment he’s standing in front of me. Next thing I know, I’m lying on the ground, my breath knocked out of me. I panic, and as I look up I see Caleb reaching out his hand. I suddenly hear roaring in my ears and feel something tug inside me. I roll away from his outstretched hand and as I try to block him from reaching me again, something happens. He goes flying. Literally. It’s like something threw him away from me. He manages to land on his feet, about thirty feet back from where he was standing. He slowly walks back toward me, which gives me time to get back on my feet.

“Not bad for a beginner.” He says it with a small grin. “But you have to be able to control both your movements and your powers better.”

This time I can’t deny it. I know it was me who caused that blast of air which blew Caleb away from me. I felt the energy coursing through me. As I calm down, the roaring in my ears disappears and the tugging feeling lessens. I can actually feel threads of power inside me now that I’ve recognized them for what they are. And I don’t plan on losing my grip on them any time soon.


The Awakening, part 7

I wake with a start as I feel something cold against my neck. I make an attempt to sit up, but it only results in pain. I see a hooded figure leaning over me and holding a knife to my neck. Now I feel a bit of blood oozing from an incision. Apparently the cold thing is a pretty sharp knife.

I blink back tears of frustration. Yes, I’m terrified for my life and wellbeing, but this rotten luck is getting fairly ridiculous. First, I nearly drown, then I begin hearing voices in my head. Well, a single voice, but that still means that I’ve probably forgone my sanity. Not to mention an Elf-priest wants to exorcise, or in other words, torture me. And now this!

Plus, the stupid voice didn’t even alert me of danger this time. I was starting to depend on that. Maybe it’s gone? Don’t blame it on me. You sleep like the dead. It is not in my power to wake you. Nor is there a reason to warn you now, since you are already as good as deceased. Nope, still there. I sigh.

“Could you remove the knife please? I mean no harm.” I use a soothing voice, hoping it would have a placating effect.

“Give me a reason why I should let you live.” The voice is slightly accented and sounds like it belongs to a young man.

“Because I don’t want to die yet?” I ask hopefully.

“Not good enough.” The knife presses harder on my neck and I feel more blood flowing down the side of my neck. Well, it was worth a try, though I kind of guessed that he wouldn’t care much about my opinion on the matter.

I raise my gaze and look under the hood, trying to make eye contact, but it’s too dark. There’s a bit of light coming through the slits in the curtains, but it’s not enough. I know nothing about this man before me, but I really hope that he is the lesser of two evils.

“Please make it quick, then.” I whisper, a lump forming in my throat and tears brimming my eyes. “I ended up here because I didn’t want to be tortured.”

“Tortured by whom?” It seems I’ve somehow managed to cath his interest. The pressure on my neck lessens.

“There was an old man. A priest. I heard him tell my father I need to be exorcized and that he would deal with me himself. And…” I can’t help it and begin to sob. “And I’ve read about how they… do it. I beg you, don’t make me suffer like he would have.”

“That priest, what did he look like?” He removes the knife and sheaths it. I might have a chance of survival after all.

Should I tell him about the Elfin features I saw or just about how I originally percieved him? If I told him the truth would he think I’m crazy and kill me anyway?

“Well, he was very old and he had white hair.” As I debate with myself on what else to tell the man in front of me, he removes his hood. The room is very dimly lighted, but I can see he has somewhat handsome features, dark hair, light eyes and… pointy ears! Now that’s just great. Have I angered the Gods somehow?

I rub my forehead and say, “And his ears were just like yours.”

“Did he have a scar on his left cheek?” he asks. I squint my eyes, trying to remember, but I can’t give him a definite answer.

“He was wrinkled and it was dark when I saw him up close. To be honest, something told me to get away from him as fast and as far as possible. I didn’t stick around long enough to memorize all his features.”

“Your instincts were probably correct. I believe I am familiar with that priest of yours, though.” He looks at me as if he were assessing me. I guess he is satisfied with what he saw, since his next words were “You can stay here for a while. It is the safest place for you at the moment. Naturally, you’d have to earn your keep.” He mowes toward the door and opens it. Before leaving, he looks back at me.

“If you do decide to stay then first thing you need to do is take a bath. You smell funny. It almost reminds me of… Never mind.” He shakes his head lightly and I think I catch a glimpse of a small smile before he leaves and closes the door behind him.